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Training Aircraft           40        $110.00        $4,400.00

Flight Instruction          30        $50.00          $1,500.00

Ground Instruction        15        $50.00          $750.00

Books & Supplies                                          $350.00

Examiner Fee                                               $500.00

                         TOTAL COST ESTIMATE             $7,500.00

Additional outside fees apply

Cost Estimate for This Course

(C172 N)


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5993 Airport Blvd
Bartow, FL, 33830

Open 7 Days  6am to 6pm

Individualized flight training to help you obtain your Private Pilot License at your own pace!

We can tailor a training program to meet your personal goals.

Experienced FAA Certified Flight Instructors

Excellent Safety Record

Well maintained modern aircraft

Finish - Up Training Available



The Private Pilot Certification Course allows the pilot to use an airplane for his/her pleasure, recreation, business trips, and to carry passengers. The Approved Private Pilot Course offered by Bartow Flying Service can be completed in as little as 30 days; on average and at a leisurely pace expect to complete this program in 5 months or longer. The choice is up to you and whatever fits your schedule and financing.

*This is an ESTIMATED cost based on AVERAGE completion time. The actual cost of this Private Pilot training course will vary from person to person and could be less or more than the estimated cost stated here.

Pay as you go or financing available 


Private Pilot Training Course

Come fly with us in sunny central Florida!